Coa​$​tal Empire

by Co$mic Gho$t

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released December 13, 2015

produced and written by m. bell



all rights reserved


postcrunk Savannah, Georgia

m♥rt♥n b♥ll

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Track Name: Fire Emoji
everyone i know sells drugs or waits tables
sells drugs or waits waits waits tables
everyone i know got debt
to pay it they ain't able
to pay it they ain't capable
real talk money divides us all
in the spring
in the winter; in the summer, fall
only text
i don't ever mothafuckin call
912 forever but 703 before
black asian only white girls in my repertoire
only bike i don't need a fuckin car
my life's a movie and i'm the mothafuckin star
put down the guns figure out who we are
i'm just trying to continue living
police always sayin "stop resisting"
just for existing
wanna throw us into prison
every nigga dead in or in the system

this the part where you gotta reflect on the trajectory of your life and shit
what did you want to be when you grew up
and what are you now
don't you miss those days?
but don't romanticize it
don't hold on
buddhist school dropout
smoke weed every day
maybe a cop out
i don't know any more
need a ride to the liquor sto
tybee island shore
higher than the ceiling
lower than the floor
Track Name: Escapism
co$mic does it again
always got the blunt in my hand
more fucked up than afghanistan
my words in demand

came thru in the mid eighties
bout same time as crack babies
back before i was paid to read
way before i needed daily weed

single mother in virginia
one day i'll buy a house for ya
used to be low income housing tho
with the roaches in our cereal bowls

used to fuck people up
had no control
just cause my daddy
walked out that door

super nintendo
only escape from the real world

only escape
my only escape
only escape
our only escapes

born alone die alone
love the people you have around you now
peace to my people
an overdose took out

the land of addiction
born and raised in the south

collard greens and grits
in my mouth

all my girls got freckles
all my weed got trichomes
and i just broke another one of my iphones

first world problem
I'll admit to that

people die in a mine
we stand in line for that

only escape, it's something you gotta do
all about vice and the ritual
society got somethin to prove
posted up on the mothafuckin avenue

i thought you knew
my dream is blue
eatin brunswick stew
got a zip or two
and a stripper too
no whip still cruise

only escape x4
Track Name: Dionne Warwick
see the real america
through an immigrant's eyes
fuck my girl on her period
my bloody valentine
workin that 9 to 5
givin them pearls to swine
no chorus no time
gotta speak my mind

straight to the weed after work
like video games before church
back when i believed
when you don't you feel free
margaritas on the beach
white people ruined fleek
even trap niggas get lonely (x2)


here i go again
corna sto again
light a blunt with the mothafuckin tunnel's end
twitter where i trend
georgia days i spend
smoke to cope do you even fuckin comprehend


peace to anyone in central booking
miss the smell of my mama's cookin
everything i thought i knew
no, i never knew
everyone i thought i knew
now there's just a few

no knock raids
where they shoot your fuckin dog
smoke everyday
i don't care, fuck the law

listen to what i say
never been a role model
biracial see the world for all its flaws

greyhound across the country
a bunch of schizophrenic alcoholics
dad think he psychic like dionne warwick
scrappin metal like a meth addict

livin out a suitcase
tryin to get my head straight
some way to get paid
a method to maintain

craigslist roommates
wanted in other states
no drug i don't take
all my niggas reprobates

doin dabs in denver
smoke so much can't remember
never forgot where i came from
filipino nigga since day 1
Track Name: Sleep Comes After Death
turn a child to a soldier
and a man to a weapon
cia turned the hood into
a mothafuckin crack den

sellin rock like plymouth
like our melanin's the limit
no god no forgiveness
we're all just in this shit

yo we're floatin in space
shout out my nigga sun ra cause this is the place
capitalism i'm sellin my face
late capitalism i'm sellin my name

school was too white for me
just didn't feel right to me
alone in every city
always a sight to see

lost in the spectacle
white girl on the testicles
fuck the beauty standard
whooty i always preferred

always high always am turnt
barbecue sauce on the shirt
don't give a fuck what you worth
bitch i'm biracial since birth

why were we put on this earth
just to die after work
i get high before work
yeah i inhale the earth

sleep comes after death
dorm's got speed, street's got meth
street's got crack
jefferson st. where them street walkers be at

where the fuck is you at
gentrifiers got yoga mats
i'm fuckin bitches from scad
hang fire closin my tab

on the bike again
on the mic again
internet rapper
internet friends

booty like a subprime mortgage
you know you can't afford it
deserve an award for it
some type of reward for it

gunshots in the distance
Track Name: Kombucha
bikin round loud in my pockets
dodging all police eye sockets
shoutout if you had rice for breakfast
fuck you if you transphobic

and you know this
smoke an o to this
nothing on my wrist
bitch i'm timeless
magic city with my girl
by the time you find this

like a tape rewind it
kombucha with a bushwick bitch
dropped acid with an austin chick
my georgia peach oh she thick
find out what it means to me
find out what it means to be
black philippine shoutout toro and danny


moroccan hash in spain
show em how them southern girls dance
they don't know what to say
told em booty's the american way
land of the free
home of the slaves

all about that nat turner fuck ike
imperialism that's that shit i don't like
capitalism you can sell a man's life
co$mic gho$t don't forget the dolla signs

america loves niggas with guns
america loves fillin its prisons up
gonna build some new ones
america loves drones
i'm 1 of 2 niggas at a noise show
you blowin up my iphone
while people gettin blown up by phones
every day i'm stoned
nowhere really feels like home